What are new-age career options in finance

What are new-age career options in finance

By professor Supriya Sehgal

The best way to succeed in career is to find your interest, build your skills around it and then join an
organization that could fulfill the same.
Choosing a career becomes an extremely important task involved with multiple wise decisions when you
have to take care of your interests and academic qualifications simultaneously. In order to excel, one
should explore different career options and opportunities available in the market and then align well so
that there is no disruption in the career choices students make for a long run. Finance is one of the most
important and crucial business areas that offer an array of career options. It is one of those professional
areas that require a person possessing a high skill set and values to sustain successfully in the financial
Hence, students and graduates should have a clear understanding of what the finance industry has to offer
and how they can make the most out of all the prominent career options available.
Below-mentioned are the most important financial career backgrounds that one can excel well into after
becoming its part:
Public Accounting
Finance, as a broad industry, comprises recording and maintenance of the flow of money throughout for a
public or private company. Public accountants are responsible for creating an ecosystem that helps
companies cut down on expenses, improve financial health and enhance the overall revenue. As an
accountant, you can also work on in-house projects to maintain a proper financial health of the
organization and also help them achieve their long term financial goals.
Moreover, there are many accounting firms that offer feasible assistance in auditing and tax consulting
along with streamlining their financial operations with respect to their government and private partners
existing all around the world.
Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance is basically an integral part and also the subdivision of finance which helps in
providing funds for business related activities. The major areas that corporate finance deals with are
capital restructuring, funding for multiple sources, and planning/deciding for company related
It also includes a critical set of job responsibilities like balancing risk and profitability post analyzing
economic trends. Also, it covers fund management and selection of investment portfolios. Graduates can
be hired in junior capacities in this sector also depending upon their level of education and experience.
Risk Management
The risk management professionals should have a knack to study and identify the market risks while
comprehending the poor investment strategies and outcomes. These professionals are responsible for
strategically putting forward a plan that promotes minimization of risks and boosting the returns.
Graduates looking forward to making their careers in the risk management sector should be able to use
their mathematical and analytical skills in order to advise multiple clients for a wide range of business
Risk management is a sector that is in high demand in the entire financial services industry. It employs
professionals in the capacity of analysts, managers, consultants and advisors. If you seek risk
management as your full time career then you must complete an advanced degree (MBA or PG Diploma
in Risk Management) and then begin your journey.

Commercial Banking
This particular segment of finance provides multiple high value services to the individuals as well as the
corporate. You can choose from an array of options including services related to savings/current bank
accounts, debit/credit cards to personal, home and other kinds of loans. Commercial Banking offers
multiple roles but requires different skill sets for each type of career option. The most promising ones are
account manager, trust officer, bank teller, credit analyst and branch manager.
You should also possess great communication skills as commercial banking requires one to maintain
relationships with existing bank customers and also find new ones to keep the bank economy up and
running. Most importantly, it turns out to be an n attractive career opportunity for young management
graduates and aspirants as this particular sector provides much decent remuneration under constructive
yet suitable working hours.
Finance related career options are evolving as everything is shifting towards a digital space. Hence, you,
as a young aspirant, should keep a futuristic approach and a willingness to learn efficiently and help
yourself as well as the organization grow.

The author is dean outreach at JK Business School.

Check the source here –Source, Financial Express.