Digital equity: Bridging the digital divide with tech

Digital equity: Bridging the digital divide with tech

Digital equity is the path for everyone, everywhere to have equal access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunity,” said Michele Malejki, global head of social impact at HP Inc, as the American tech major announced a new initiative with Aspen Institute to accelerate digital equity. “Our partnership with Aspen Digital will bring impact and accountability to advancing the benefits of digital equity in people’s lives,” said Malejki.

Led by the Aspen Digital programme, the Digital Equity Accelerator will assist participating non-profits in scaling up their innovative approaches to aid underserved communities affected by the digital divide. HP is backing the Accelerator with innovative technology as well as more than $100,000 in capacity-building grants for each participating organisation, progressing toward its commitment to advance digital equity for 150 million people worldwide by 2030.

HP seeks to achieve this goal through its PATH (Partnership and Technology for Humanity) Programme to contribute to digital equity for underserved communities around India and world to enable equal access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities and livelihoods within the digital economy. Half of the world’s population remains offline, with marginalised and underrepresented communities often bearing the brunt of disconnection. The Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected this divide in India and around the world, with more communities falling far behind than ever in terms of access to a quality education, democratised healthcare, and opportunities to thrive in an increasingly digital economy —in other words, fundamental human rights.

This initiative pilots in India, United States and Morocco, and will target populations including women and girls; people with disabilities; aging populations; historically excluded groups such as communities of colour and ethnic minorities; the socio-economically marginalised; refugees and internally displaced persons; and the educators and practitioners who support them. The goal is to amplify scalable impact in the areas of healthcare, education, and economic opportunity via a local approach that bolsters community leaders. The effort will leverage a diverse mentor network of practitioners who possess a range of technical and sectoral expertise as well as lived experience.

Ketan Patel, MD, HP India Market, said, “The importance of digital equity for economic growth, social development and job creation has increased exponentially in India. At HP, we are committed to ensure that every Indian has an equitable and inclusive access to skills, knowledge and economic opportunities in the digital economy. Our partnership with Aspen Digital is a step towards this effort as we double down on our efforts to bridge the digital equity gap in communities that need it most.”

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