Maa Jhandewali Co-Operative Urban Thruft & Credit Soceity Ltd

Maa Jhandewali Co-Operative Urban Thruft & Credit Soceity Ltd

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Maa Jhandewali Co-Operative Urban Thrift & Credit Society Ltd is the first Co-Operative Society of Delhi which was awarded two shields consequently by the Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi – one of “Eminent Co-Operator for the year 2009” and the second for “Best Co-Operative Society for the year 2010” .

With an ambition in mind and a motive to work for a social cause mainly relating with “HOW TO HELP OTHERS” , a good literature, books were consulted. Draw-back of the prevailing social activities as also the market trend was taken into account. After this an idea struck to my mind to establish an THRIFT & CREDIT SOCIETY in the Co-Operative Sector under the aegis of Registrar Co-operative Societies, Govt of N.C.T of Delhi.

Accordingly, to begin with – in the month of April 2004 requisite material on the subject was collected, a few good and through gentlemen having social devotion were associated and a team was prepared for farming the society titled “Maa Jhandewali Co Operative Urban Thrift & Credit Society Ltd.”

Further, as a first and foremost step-nearly 200 Members were searched and enrolled from various parts of the National Capital Region of Delhi. At the outset a meagre contribution was fixed for becoming a Member of the Society say Rs. 1100/- only, which included Share Money, Admission Fee, C.D and O.D etc. The major portion of this contribution was representing the amount refundable to the Members concerned.

A Board of Directors was set up and through an Resolution passed unanimously the undersigned was elected as “CHIEF PROMOTER” of the Society. Thereafter Bye-Laws of the Society were framed after a detailed deliberation. Accordingly a proposal was prepared and submitted to the Office of the Registrar Co-Operative Society with a view to getting the Society Registered. After a vigorous Follow-up it became possible and the Society was issued with a Registration Certificate bearing No. 10087/CND/2004 dated 20.07.2004.

Since then the Society is marching forward and also the ambition was fulfilled. Nearly 5500 Members are on roll and by now the “Maa Jhandewali Co Operative Urban Thrift & Credit Society Ltd.” is able to get two Shields under the Co-operative Movement of Govt of N.C.T of Delhi. The pages that follow give the Salient Features of the Society.

As your advocate, our goal is to eliminate the obstacles and frustrations involved with the creation and implementation of a solid infrastructure foundation. This partnership creates a results-oriented environment where the best solutions are born and executed. We’re your technology compass – setting your business on course for success and efficiency.


Total membership : 5,500

Loan to members : 21 crores (during 2017-2018)

Loan to members : 16.26 crores (during 2016-2017)

Audit : by “a” category auditors

Audit classification : “a” class.

Maintenance of accounts : by fully computerized mode

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Membership Fee :
Society Members :
Share Capital :
Total Deposits :
Secured Loans :
Unsecured Loans :
Total Liabilities :
Total Bad Debts :

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