Human Welfare Credit And Thrift Co-operative Society Limited

Human Welfare Credit And Thrift Co-operative Society Limited

Registration Number: MSCS/CR/476/2012

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Our Mission

In Human Welfare Credit & Thrift Co-Operative Society Ltd (HWCTCSL), our mission is to work with people in our country to create cooperative businesses and networks that grow a prosperous, equitable economy and to increase economic opportunities and benefits for people by fostering the growth and success of all types of cooperative enterprises. In Human Credit Society, we envision a democratically-owned and just economy where everyone can fulfill their needs and aspirations. HUMAN is an inclusive, collaborative, resilient organization and holds the following values as important within our organization and in our work with communities: cooperation, equity, justice and fairness; integrity, honesty, and transparency; respect, inclusion, patience, and trust; and wellness, environmental justice, and responsibility. In a brief, Our core mission is to support co-operatives, educate the community, and advance the co-operative sector.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish HWCTCSL as the knowledge and resource centre for co-ops in India. Through our work, we advance a vision of a caring, creative and humane society, and a fair and innovative social economy. We actively convene knowledge exchange and mobilization among our members and stakeholders We increase awareness for the co-op sector through market, policy and governance research, to showcase and distribute the co-op value and difference to the marketplace We build a culture of mutual support, where members can contribute to the success of other members, and society can support all co-ops by being aware of their economic and community impacts, and actively choose co-op products and services.


To achieve our vision, we embrace international co-operative principles and focus our work around three strategic pillars:

1. Co-op Development & Support Services

Act as the primary contact for co-ops and prospective co-ops to get the information and resources they need to go from incubating a co-op idea to incorporation and beyond Deliver well-defined, customized programs and services to HWCTCSL members Use the HWCTCSL website as a tool for self-directed learning, with a robust knowledge centre and exclusive tools, and a member directory to facilitate networking and support

2. Co-op Knowledge Mobilization

Act as a proactive and professional knowledge convener and mobilizer by turning available research and information into an active asset of developmental value and business opportunity for the HWCTCSL and its members Provide co-op education to youth and emerging leaders through the HWCTCSL’s Co-ops in Schools (CIS) program, and increase sector awareness and knowledge among youth and educational institutions Become a co-op knowledge centre that actively researches relevant policies, regulations, market developments and co-op needs, and conveys, connects and mobilizes co-op sector stakeholders

3. Co-op Communications, Promotion and Advocacy

In HWCTCSL, we ensure to become more aware of the co-operative sector and its benefits to HWCTCSL communities and economies Create strategic marketing, communications and advocacy campaigns that deliver a provincial co-op story and brand, raise the profile of co-ops and credit unions, and celebrate their successes Work collectively with co-ops, credit union and co-op sector stakeholders to identify strategic opportunities to liaise with governments and advocate for policy change and legislation to support the sector

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