Apple to unveil 15-inch iPad to compete with Amazon Echo Show 15: Report

Apple to unveil 15-inch iPad to compete with Amazon Echo Show 15: Report

Apple could soon take on the Amazon Echo Show 15 with a new iPad featuring a larger screen. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reported that the 15-inch iPad could also take on the Facebook Portal.

A Large-Screen iPad

The alleged 15-inch iPad will make the Apple iPad a home device and help users control their smart products while also doing all basic tablet functions. The tablet will be a bit thicker to accommodate powerful speakers, but will refrain from carrying a bulky design as the Echo Show 15.

The tablet is also likely to feature a camera in landscape orientation for more convenient video calling. It will come with wall mount support as well. The Bloomberg report suggests that the new 15-inch iPad will give Apple an edge over Amazon and its competitors because of the App Store’s versatility, better camera performance, and powerful processors.

Reports suggest that the iPadOS could come with a “Home Mode” to make a smooth transition into a home device. Additionally, the device is likely to double as a laptop.

It is being further suggested that with Apple working on a big-screen iPad, the device could very well turn into a reality. However, the device would come with several downsides as well. The 15-inch iPad, if official, is likely to be expensive. Additionally, Apple will have to make Siri even more efficient to compete with Alexa or even the Google Assistant. It still remains to be seen what plans Apple has in store.

Apple is likely to launch a new iPad Pro in 2022, which could get a redesign, wireless charging support, upgraded internals, 5G, and many other fresh features.

The Bloomberg report goes on to suggest that Apple could launch an external display for its latest Macs and bring it in the affordable price range. 

Check the source here –Source, Financial Express.